Dr. Hisham Eltayeb Ahmed Elhassan

Specialist Internal Medicine
Dr Hisham Eltayeb had total of 14 years’ experience in UAE governmental hospitals as internist. He had extensive experience in approaching admitted patients with acute severe medical conditions. Dr Hisham worked in IBHOH ministry of health in Ras Al-Khaimah and Rashid Hospital in Dubai health authority. Both hospitals had dynamic work atmosphere and wide exposure to large variable number of patients. Dr Hisham was running busy endocrine clinic in both Rashid and IBHOH hospitals during his work plus separate internal medicine clinic on weekly basis
  • Evaluation and management of admitted acutely ill patients.
  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus evaluation and management.
  • Gestational diabetes follow up and management.
  • Thyroid disorders evaluation and management.
  • Hypertension follow up and treatment.
  • Lipid pathologies treatment and follow up.
  • Acute febrile illnesses approach and treatment
  • Post bariatric surgery follow up.
  • Anemia evaluation and treatment.
  • Pre- and post- operative patient evaluation and treatment.
  • MRCP (UK), scoring outstanding mark in the clinical exam which is 99%.
  • IELTS Band 8
  • MBBS faculty of medicine –University of Khartoum.(1996).
  • More than 14 Years

    Teaching experience
  • teaching and training of internal medicine resident in Dubai residency program ( in Rashid Hospital).
  • Family medicine , interns training and teaching in IBHOH Ras Al-Khaimah.
  • Sudanese

    English & Arabic

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