Pediatrics & Neonatology Department

The Children’s centre at Saudi German Hospital is dedicated to providing the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice. Among patients the child’s needs are unique from biological, developmental, demographic and psychosocial aspects. We provide physical check-up, vaccination and specific treatment of paediatric symptoms. In Children’s Centre, we cater the following facilities

  • Children Growth and Development assessment.
  • General Paediatric Diseases.
  • Paediatrics Infectious diseases.
  • Paediatric Allergist.
  • Paediatric Vaccination Clinic.
  • New-born Screening Test.

All cases requiring intravenous fluids and antibiotics such as:

  • Pneumonia, Dehydration, Gastroenteritis, Urinary Tract Infections.
  • All Respiratory Illness that require Inhalation Therapy.
  • Acute Asthma.
  • Croup.
  • Pneumonia and Others.
  • Unclear Diseases that require further Investigations and diagnosis.
  • Sickle Cell Disease Crisis Management.
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